After shattering every franchise record in history last year with a pilot by boarding 73 franchises in a record 3 weeks with over 1,000 waiting for their franchise, we are now bringing in investors and raising capital in order to be ready for a full launch. The company is about to disrupt the whole franchise business model and revolutionize the way many companies go about franchising today as well as disrupting the fintech space at the same time.

The company has 3 financial processes that the founders have invented. Two are in the multi-trillion-dollar electronics payments industry in fintech and one is in the banking industry. All 3 solve a huge problem (all with patent pending) that are projecting billions of profit each monthly when they are fully deployed. Two are about to go into pilot as the platforms and apps are almost fully built.

In addition, if that was not big enough, the company also has special exclusive funding technology already 90% built and about to go into pilot that speeds up the typical funding process for business funding from 24-48 hours on average for a soft approval to approximately 90 seconds for a hard approval and 15-20 minutes to be funded compared to 2-7 days on average and has proven underwriting guidelines that perform with a huge ROI and with millions of dollars already funded per month that was backed by a billion dollar company and top 3 bank in the U.S.

All this and more including 8 different revenue streams/companies is being offered under Speedy Holdings Group umbrella to create one of the biggest opportunities (in our opinion and so many others) to ever be offered to accredited investors with plans of an early acquisition or IPO in as soon as 15 months from now.

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Kevin Harrington

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Why Speedy Holdings Group?

The company has 8 revenue streams in the financial service industries with some of the best products and services in their perspective industries and is projecting to revolutionize how many companies go about franchising today by giving away the franchise for free.

The company has special technologies in the multi-trillion-dollar electronic payments industry including financial processes that have patent pending and are projecting billions of dollars per month profit when fully deployed.

The company is giving the franchises away for free to allow almost anyone to be able to receive one of the franchises but instead of only making a 7-8% royalty fee monthly the company makes 100% of their revenue and at least 50% or more of the profit without the offices expenses and currently has 1,000 sales offices with most already revenue waiting for their franchise.

The company is raising capital right now to staff up to support it all and launch it all on a large level within 60-90 days with an Acquisition or an IPO planned in about 12 months after launching.

The CEO and co-founder has built relationships over the past decade with over 100 private and public companies that support the company’s products and services on the backend and has formed joint ventures with them to ensure the company’s success.

Distribution/Dividends projecting to start being paid to investors quarterly within 3 months after launch.

You receive debt and equity both which is rare (you receive all your principal back plus 10% ROI plus preferred stock at $1 per share plus profit sharing paid quarterly).

All investors will get an opportunity to review and invest in all the premium deal flow that comes from our investor platform before they are offered to others (through our investment platform “Speedy Barracuda Tank” that is launching shortly and one of the 8 revenue streams).

Investing in Speedy Holdings Group is like getting a piece of over 1,000 profitable companies with only one small investment.

Your one investment has the potential to help millions of business owners over time since most of our products and services help businesses increase their revenue while lowering their liabilities.

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What Do You Receive For Your Investment?

Company is offering 10% ROI on a 3 year note and also 10% equity/preferred stock at $1 per share for all current and future companies under Speedy Holdings Group, Inc.

The Ask is $10 million at a $100 million valuation for 10% with 100 million shares of stock.

Minimum investment is $10,000 but exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.

Example: $50,000 investment you will receive your original investment back plus 10% interest over 36 months plus 50,000 shares of preferred stock plus up to 36 resort vacation packages as a perk.

Special Perk: Up to 12 resort vacation package giveaways per year for 3 years with the minimum investment (hotel resort only does not include airfare, meals or tax and daily resort fee if applicable).

Watch a detailed pitch deck video of the CEO explaining Speedy Franchises in detail (all the 8 revenue streams & more).

Speedy Franchise Deck

Watch a detailed pitch deck video of the CEO explaining Financial Protection Services (the patent pending financial processes projecting billions per month).

Financial Protection Services Deck

Executive Summary

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