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Introduction to Speedy Holdings Group

Speedy Holdings Group (SHG) has 3 patented financial processes that were invented by the founder and CEO under Financial Protection Services (FPS). FPS is one of 8 different revenue streams in the financial services industry. FPS is what this seed raise use of funds is for, but investors get all of SHG, including 8 different revenue streams under the Speedy brand created for a free franchise “business in a box” model.

The previous pre-seed raise was $2.25 million and was used to build all 8 of the products and services that potential franchisees receive for free. The FPS platform covers chargebacks and bounced merchant service fees by issuing small, short term MCA loans. These loans are used to cover these unexpected fees that small business owners incur in the credit card processing industry, done by paying the merchants’ processor directly on behalf of the merchant with an automated process. This eliminates the many hardships that can occur if they go unpaid. There are 671,000 chargebacks per day currently in the U.S. alone and increasing each year by 20%, an evident problem in the industry. FPS eliminates 100% of losses for processors related to chargebacks and eliminates many hardships for the small business owners as well.

Speedy Franchises outperformed the fastest growing and largest financial franchise in the world (Century 21 Real Estate) with a soft launch in 2020 at the worst time possible, 2 weeks before Covid. In 2021, after the peak of Covid, Century 21 boarded only 17 franchises in 52 weeks, compared to Speedy’s 73 in 3 weeks. Speedy not only boarded more franchises than ever before in a record 3 weeks, but had an additional 1,000 waiting for their Speedy Franchise.  Furthermore, Speedy receives 100% of each franchisee’s current and future revenue and approximately 50% of their profit compared to most other franchises that only receive a 7-8% royalty (but collect a large upfront fee that limits the number of potential franchisees).

Speedy’s new FinTech platform creates an automated MCA loan as soon as a credit card processing chargeback occurs from a merchant’s customer that paid for their product or service and later disputes the charge with their issuing cardholder bank. Or, a merchant’s fees bounce due to their processor for their previous months’ credit card processing transactions. FPS in return, automatically remits payment to the processor on behalf of the merchant and daily payback collection starts the very next day after funding these small, highly profitable, low risk MCA loans. FPS just needs the capital that is secured by a merchant’s business and future credit card receivables to fund these 2-week MCA loans, where FPS makes a guaranteed 25% return every 2 weeks on average for each funded MCA loan.

The company is currently laser focused on FPS only at this time and as soon as we have the $3M raise completed we will be deploying $2.5 million into the platform with an expected 100% return within 90 days (including a 30-day ramp up). Afterwards, SHG will take the data and performance to be able to bring in a large amount of debt (preferably $100 million) and scale it at an unheard of rate almost instantly, by adding on a large processor with millions of merchants that will automatically be opted in.

All this and more, including 8 different revenue streams/companies, is being offered under Speedy Holdings Group’s umbrella to create a huge opportunity for investors with plans of an acquisition or IPO as our exit strategy is within 3 years from now. The company will be profitable in an unheard of 3 months after launch and will re-launch the free franchise model “business in a box” after FPS is generating a large amount of revenue and profit by January 2025. This will lead to at least 1,000 sales offices within 1-2 years later with the company planning on working on an IPO by January 2026.

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What Do You Receive For Your Investment?

The company is offering 10% equity/preferred stock at $0.33 per share for all current and future products and services and companies under Speedy Holdings Group, Inc.

The ask is $3 million at a $30 million valuation for 10% equity.

Minimum investment is $25,000 but exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.

Special Perk: Up to 12 resort vacation package giveaways per year for 3 years with the minimum investment (hotel resort only and does not include airfare, meals or tax and daily resort fee, if applicable). The company currently has an unlimited number of these top resort vacation packages that it gives away for incentives to its clients which are used to close deals and incentivize employees. Locations are all over the world with destinations from Orlando, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Paris and over 150 other top destinations.

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*Disclaimer: Free credit card processing if the merchant chooses our cash discount program where the customer is charged a convenience fee for using a credit and or debit card and certain industry types and average ticket sizes may restrict being able to receive this product or may cause a smaller monthly flat fee. Same day funds merchant may have to pay a small fee for this service and some industries and merchants may not qualify. 5% cash back rebate merchant will receive a rebate of 5% of the profit SMS makes from the account monthly and is paid quarterly to the merchant. Bad credit – no problem is for non high ticket merchants not in high risk industries and not currently on the match file for owing money to a prior credit card processing company.

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