Franchise Opportunity


If you sign an exclusive franchise agreement with our company you will get the following benefits to ensure your success with our "business in a box program"
You will receive a business in a box with almost 200 items.
Just some examples:

Business Funding – MCA *** Term Loans *** 100% Approval Equipment Based Lending *** Lines of Credit *** *** Free Credit Card Processing with a 5% Cash Back Rebate *** 100% Approval Consumer Pay Product *** Credit Repair *** Approve Your Own Merchants For Micro Funding *** Create Your Own Contracts *** Help Closing Your Deals With our Strong Closers *** Free Hot Leads *** Mirrored Websites *** Receive Proven Call Scripts *** Use of Our Celebrity Spokesperson *** Tested Marketing Materials *** Our Proven Templated Ads *** Trade Secret Marketing and Advertising *** Co-op Advertising *** Use of Our Submission Platform with Up to 100 Top Lenders *** Special Bonuses and Incentive Programs *** Help Opening or Building Your Office *** Help Staffing Your Office *** Receive A State of the Art CRM and AI software for Automated Follow Up*** Real Estate Fix and Flip Program ***Real Estate Private Lending *** Unlimited Vacation Giveaway’s To Use In Marketing Free *** 100% Approval on Personal Loans *** Ability To Ride off our Branding for Credibility *** So Much More Included Free ***

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• An instant pre-approval calculator that pre-approves merchants instantly without a credit check (soon to come real-time instant approval software) with the ability to approve merchants instantly and have them sign an e-sign contract with us and fund within 2 hours and you get wired your commission same day.

• All this with no application to fill out or bank statements collected. You will also be able to send a link to the merchant that does the same thing but ends up with a video notarization and funding call.

• We will invest in offices that prove themselves and even invest capital to grow it and will also send personnel there to place ads, help interview, hire, train, staff and set your office up to increase your revenue and grow your office quickly.

• We will give you advertising trade secrets and access to our professional and proven ads and even show you where to advertise for a huge ROI. And we will even coop up to 50% of the advertising with some offices that prove themselves.

• We have almost 100 lenders we are partnered with and we’ll use our volume for leverage to make sure you get the best offers for your merchants. You will have all of this working for you and only have to submit your deals through a CRM once and we will do everything else for you.

• We offer high compensation packages and our closers will even close your deals for you at no extra cost to you.

• Many, many more benefits to an exclusive partnership but we can not disclose them without an NDA and Non Compete signed due to our competition but if selected you will receive what took the owner a decade and millions of dollars to build for free!