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Speedy Holdings Group, Inc.

At Speedy we are committed to constantly launching new products and services or improving upon existing ones. These resources benefit business owners by increasing their revenue and lowering their liabilities.

We also help business owners compete with the retail giants in their particular industries, offering many products and services to small to medium size companies. These products excel beyond what most retail giants offer and at a more affordable price. This is done by grouping together these individual businesses to equal/exceed the volume of these large retail giants. This gives the small to medium size businesses a distinct competitive advantage.

Speedy Business Funding

Easy qualifying business funding regardless of the business owners personal credit and short time in business. We offer Lines of credit, term loans and merchant cash advances. We only require as little as $4k per month in revenue and some basic requirements to be approved and funded regardless of the merchant’s personal credit score, lack of collateral or short time in business.

Speedy Merchant Services

We offer free credit card processing for merchants by passing the fee onto the consumer. In return, instantly gets a pay raise of up to 5% as soon as they start processing cards with our company. In addition, we offer a 5% cash back rebate so the more the merchant processes the more money the merchant makes instead of pays. We also offer free no fee equipment and same day funding.

Speedy Consumer Pay

We finance merchants’ customers to purchase their products and services. Approvals are within seconds and we have several platforms for good and bad credit with financing up to $100k with special same as cash options to help drive sales. The consumer can only use the approved financing at the merchant’s location and the merchant is paid by us directly within 48 hours.

Speedy Barracuda Tank

Shark Tank on Steroids where anyone needing an investor can have the opportunity to pitch up to 100 real accredited investors over a 30 day period and get up to 100 checks instead of only one opportunity for investment like the popular T.V. show. Anyone with a viable and investible project can pitch our Barracuda’s. We also offer many other services such as pitch decks, business plans and PPM development.

Speedy Franchises

Speedy Franchises was created to help and support all the agents, brokers and sales offices that are currently in at least one of the financial service industries we serve. We offer the free franchise “business in a box” model that took the founder and CEO ten years and millions of dollars to build to these agents, brokers and sales offices for free in exchange for them signing an exclusive agreement.

Speedy Credit Restoration

Fast credit repair and restoration to help restore the worst of credit situations quickly at a low cost. We can get someone mortgage ready within 90 days. There are many other related products and services that benefit consumers in many ways that we offer. There are very few reputable credit repair and restoration companies out there but Speedy even offers a guarantee unlike others and is different.

Speedy Personal Lending

Personal loans from $500 to $350,000 for good and bad credit. All credit applications are accepted regardless of credit history. We even have a personal loan guarantee by combining our fast credit restoration product with a personal loan to ensure anyone can obtain funding regardless of their situation as long as you are not in an open bankruptcy Speedy can help.

Financial Protection Services

Patented financial processes and technology that eliminates the problems or fear of charge-backs and the harm they cause for merchants related to accepting credit cards from their customers. In addition, we offer overdraft protection related to business checking accounts and merchant accounts so merchants do not have many negative consequences from their accounts running negative.

Speedy Real Estate Services

Funding for almost any size real estate deal from $100k to billions. Fix and flip, hard money, residential and commercial for almost any real estate backed transaction. We have options for most credit and situations and if not in the condition to be approved instantly, we can use some of our other products to get someone ready to obtain a mortgage or receive the funding they need in reference to real estate.